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We provide the option of ordering any of our brownie flavours to be made to accommodate a gluten free diet. None of the ingredients used contain gluten, however, please note that they are baked in a kitchen that uses ingredients containing gluten. Ingredients such as Terry's Chocolate Orange do not contain gluten, but come with the warning that they are manufactured in an environment that makes other products containing gluten.

We are very aware of how important it is for coeliac sufferers to avoid any kind of gluten contamination, and take every possible precaution to ensure that contamination does not occur. Please use your own discretion when ordering gluten free brownies to work within the perimeters of your dietary requirements.


None of the brownies contain nuts, however, they are baked in an environment where nuts are stored so there is a very small risk of contamination.

Other Allergens

All of our brownies contain eggs, dairy and soya.

These are hearty sized slabs of brownie, with just the right amount of goo & salted caramel - perfect for satisfying any chocolate cravings you might have.

Cornish sea salt infuses the caramel and gives a beautiful balance to the sweet flavour of the brownies. We launched this flavour in 2014 and it quickly became our best selling item.

These are brownies in their purest form, studded with chunks of dark chocolate that will satisfy all of your chocolate cravings.

If you like Terry's Chocolate Orange, you will love these brownies. These contain generous chunks of Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange, coupled with dark chocolate orange that is melted into the brownie mixture. Quite simply, these brownies are delicious.